The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove’s Environment committee leads environmental efforts to benefit the community and our planet. Its missions is to create a greater awareness and wiser use of our natural resources.

  • Monthly coastal clean-ups with VolunteerCleanup.org and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club.
  • Semi-annual electronic recycling program in partnership with the City of Miami and the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce.
  • Established a community electronic recycling program in partnership with the City of Miami and the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce
  • Beautification/Backyard Habitat team designed a garden to be implemented later this year to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Planted several bushes in honor of Florida’s Arbor Day.
  • Co-hosted a Tidal Town Hall meeting with Miami Catalyst, before the mid-term election on Sea Level Rising and what the prospective candidates running for  office  plan to do on this issue. What can we do to prepare for such a disaster?
NEW PROGRAM in 2018-19, (1) Encourage consumers to utilize reusable bags and other sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic and Styrofoam. (2) Forming a grassroots educational program for children to appreciate our Bay, our marine life, and fragile ecosystems, and be aware of the damage caused by single-use plastics and Styrofoam. (3) Partnering with Surfrider to implement their Ocean Friendly Restaurants program as a grassroots business approach to reduce pollution and to promote good will with our merchants to use eco-friendly alternatives.

WHY?! We see firsthand at our monthly coastal clean ups, the unsustainable amount of single-use plastics and Styrofoam washed up on our coastal shores and in our mangroves. We know that it affects the marine life and ecosystems that are subject to this pollution in their water habitat. We are motivated to do what we can to stop this pollution of our beautiful waterways and damage to our marine life and ecosystems.
The Plastics-Free Initiative (PFI) Coalition is uniting businesses, organizations, and all concerned Floridians in order to minimize or possibly stop the amount of plastics collecting on our shores. This Coalition costs nothing to join. It is a truly community effort. As we are growing in numbers, any donation to help defray expenses, or any talents and volunteering YOU can do, will be most appreciated. We are in this together!

Please check out the new Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition website at PlasticsFreeInitiative.org.

To sign up to join the Coalition (see next page) or volunteer with the Plastics Free Initiative, please visit PlasticsFreeInitiative.org. To donate, select the Donations icon, below, and on the next screen, select Conservation – PFI. THANK YOU.
Plastic Free Initiative
The Environment Committee is under the leadership of Priscilla Rhew
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